Listing Your Home in the Fall!

by seacoast_ashley 9. October 2015 05:20

Listing Your Home in the Fall!


I’m not sure how many times I have heard a friend or family member bemoan that they would have to wait until spring to put their homes on the market. Sure, spring is the most popular time to buy and sell real estate, but did you know that the fall selling season comes in a close second? Sometimes, depending on your situation, it might be the best time for you to sell you home.

There is nothing more cozy and memory provoking than a fire in the fireplace, the smell of cinnamon and spice in the kitchen, and a jack-o-lantern perched on the front porch. Fall is a great time for sellers to capitalize on this feeling of home that buyers often respond to on an emotional level. It is a lot easier for a buyer to “fall in love” with a home when that home evokes good memories. The colors of fall create an amazing natural background as well. Step into a yard that is crisp and clean and ablaze in the vibrant colors of fall and it is hard to not feel optimistic and inspired. We are lucky, that our area has mild weather. Fall at the beach is actually my favorite time of year! The crowds have thinned, the humidity is low, and neighbors are reconnecting after summers away.

One big motivation for buyers in the fall is the upcoming holiday season. Most buyers prefer to be in their new home in time to host family and friends over the following months. Often times this drive can lead to a quicker than usual sale. The holidays aren’t the only reason fall is on the buyer radar. Many buyers are seeking the tax deductions and breaks that come with buying a home, and need to be closed by the end of the year to benefit quickly.

Not only has the market changed over time, but the kind of Buyers entering the market have changed as well. Many people are choosing to enter the real estate market later in life as first time home-buyers and baby boomers are moving into the homes that they are retiring in. Because school selection is less important to these kinds of Buyers, the thinking that once the school year starts buyers don’t buy, just doesn’t hold true in these cases.  The buyers entering the market in the fall that are concerned with school districts are often moving as the result of new employment, and are laser focused.

Possibly one of the biggest benefits to selling in the fall is the lower inventory that one would find in the spring months. Less inventory means less competition for the seller. Because of the rapidly growing online tools and apps available to buyers, many buyers are starting their searches online. When they make the appointment to view your home they have most likely already seen the house online and are aware of the basics. The use of these technologies have resulted in a more serious buyer.

If you have been waiting for spring to come, you might want to give listing in the fall another look. I encourage you to speak with a real estate professional to determine if fall might be your best bet for selling your home quickly. The most important part of a smooth and successful real estate transaction is having an agent that can help you price appropriately and has a deep knowledge of the market in your area. We have hundreds of agents that fit this bill. Let our agents show you the benefit of listing in the fall!

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