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My family is planning our next move. We are listing our house, and have started dreaming about what our next house will be like. As a mom to small children, I find myself looking for certain features in a home.

My biggest “dream feature” would be close proximity to my own Mom. This is something that will not change anytime soon. We will most likely live hours apart for many more years. To make up for the fact that there is a long drive between us, I would love to have an in-law suite. I am hoping that this will not be too hard to find, as double master suites seems to be an option that many homebuilders are now offering. Having a comfortable place for my Mom would hopefully encourage her to come for longer periods of time! Mom is the best babysitter, counselor, and friend I have, so more time with her is always a plus.


School districts are a huge factor in the homes that I will consider. Not only the schools, but the kid-friendly activities that are near the house, and kid-focused amenities that a neighborhood has to offer. Before having children these types of things were completely off my radar. Now, as I look at homes and neighborhoods it is the one thing that I can not overlook. It is my Number One priority. All moms want the best for their children, and want a safe place to send their kids. It is a huge bonus if the house and neighborhood are not near any busy roads. When summer days are stretching longer and longer and my nerves are growing thinner and thinner I want the kids to be able to play outside! Nothing can change a bad attitude like a quick dose of sunshine.


Now that the kids are safe, let's move on to the next thing that a Mom-approved house might offer. It is storage. Moms want storage and lots of it. I don’t know very many moms that are able to totally conquer clutter. Toys breed while we sleep at night! If you walk into a house with kids and don’t see toys I will guarantee you that there is a closet somewhere that is stocked, stacked, and stuffed with them. That closet probably has a broken door from the hip bump needed for Mom to get it to shut. My next house will have storage galore! I want closets, cabinets, and attics. Throw in a dedicated laundry room for the piles currently residing on the bathroom floor and I am one happy Mama.


A Mom-approved home will function flawlessly. The ability to multi-task and schedule is one of our most powerful attributes. We want our homes to offer a functionality that enables us to multi-task with ease. I want to be able to cook while watching the puppet show happening on the couch. The functionality of an open floor plan is so very appealing. I do know that as the kids grow I may want more separate myself from angry teens, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

At the end of the day, even a superhero needs rest. Moms need to take a little time to reflect and re-energize. The last and quite possibly the most important thing that a Mom-friendly house will have (the thing that I try to envision in every single potential new home I tour) is the Mom Retreat. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be separated from the rest of the house, though that would be awesome. It just has to be MY space. It is a space that I will decorate totally for ME. A space where I may or may not allow kids to play. It is a space that will nurture me and provide moments of peace and solitude.

Some of my mom friends are looking for huge tubs to soak away stress. Some of them are looking for gardening spaces. Some of them just want a bay window so that they can watch the world grow. It doesn’t matter what kind of space moms are looking for: we need it. Moms need to care for themselves to be able to care for everyone else!


What features did I leave off the list that you think are Mom necessities? Is there any feature in your own home that has made life with kids a little easier? Let me know!

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