How Do I Dispose of Storm Debris in Southeastern NC?

by seacoast_ashley 16. February 2014 10:11

Wilmington NC Ice StormWhen Southeastern North Carolina is hit by a tropical storm, hurricane, or ice storm, like we saw this past week, there can be a lot of debris left over, especially when there hasn’t been a storm in the past few years to help clean out the trees. It’s important this debris is cleaned up, because it can block water drainage and attract unwelcome animals, like rats and raccoons. The county and/or city will send out crews to clean up roadways and public areas, but it’s the responsibility of property owners to clean up their debris. Depending on the location of the property, owners have different options for getting rid of yard waste, like limbs and leaves.

If the property is located in a rural area, it’s likely that the county or town will not provide a pick-up. Pender County, Brunswick County and the Town of Leland are not currently planning to provide curb-side pick-up. However, the landfills located in each county will accept deliveries of yard waste within their posted hours. They will only accept yard waste from properties located in the selective county.

Burning the debris is also an option for rural areas, but it should always be done according to local and community guidelines and avoided if there is a burn ban in place. The county government offices can help owners learn how, when, and if they can burn. Instructions may also be found on their websites.

Some counties provide pick-up for more urban areas, especially when they’re located near larger cities. Onslow County is working with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to remove debris from certain areas within county limits. New Hanover County will be picking up storm debris in the areas not incorporated into the City of Wilmington. They have not posted the pick-up schedule yet, but it will be available on their website this coming week.

When communities are located within the city limits of larger cities like Wilmington or Jacksonville, the city will usually provide pick-up. The City of Wilmington is currently focusing on public roadways and suspending regular yard waste pick-up for a week to make sure everyone can travel safely and give homeowners time to clean up their yards. Yard waste is picked-up the same day as trash. Smaller waste, like pine cones and leaves, need to be bagged, but limbs can be loose. Limbs should be no longer than 4 feet long and 6 inches thick. Large piles will be flagged for pick-up at another time.

If a community has a homeowners association (HOA), they may have an additional plan for debris disposal in the neighborhood. If it’s not addressed in the restrictive covenants, it’s important homeowners contact the HOA prior to making other arrangements. Debris removal may already be included in the monthly HOA fees and owners could save themselves some time, money, and energy.

Property owners can find out more information about storm debris removal by contacting their city, town, and county offices. Have general questions about the weather in Southeastern North Carolina? Ask your Sea Coast agent. Don’t have an agent? Find one today.

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