Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage Teams Top North Carolina

by seacoast_ashley 29. July 2012 10:46

Out of 95 sales associate teams in North Carolina, nine sales teams with Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage ranked in the Top 10 teams in North Carolina for the Coldwell Banker® franchise system for the second quarter of 2012.

Team Gale ranked No. 4 in Adjusted Gross Commission Income, No. 2 in Selling Units, No. 2 in Listing Units, and No. 2 in Total Units. Team Gale is comprised of Jack Gale, Tom Gale, Allen LaCoe, Jody Roney, Kathy Werle, and Jeff Broadbridge of Wilmington, N.C.; Dana Little of Hampstead, N.C.; and Cheryl Kuntz-Lowery and Rene Hunter of Southport, N.C.

The Stephanie Gasparovic & Associates team ranked No. 6 in Adjusted Gross Commission Income, No. 8 in Selling Units, No. 5 in Listing Units, and No. 5 in Total Units. The Stephanie Gasparovic & Associates team is comprised of Stephanie Gasparovic, Jamie Butz, Penny Olson, and Eric Sabourin of Wilmington, N.C.

The Brett Knowles team ranked No. 5 in Adjusted Gross Commission Income, No. 6 in Selling Units, No. 8 in Listing Units, and No. 8 in Total Units. The Brett Knowles team is comprised of Brett Knowles, Amy Browning, Robin Knotts, Rebecca Milligan, and Judy Wax of Wilmington.

The Willetts Properties team ranked No. 4 in Selling Units, No. 7 in Listing Units, and No. 4 in Total Units. The Willetts Properties team is comprised of Emily Willetts, Rob Dooley, Pam Rainey, Joanne Wesson, Pat Wisdo, and Jerry Wisdo of Southport.

The Chris Baynes team ranked No. 9 in Adjusted Gross Commission Income, No. 3 in Selling Units, and No. 10 in Total Units. The Chris Baynes team is comprised of Chris Baynes, Angela Baynes, Tara English, Tony Slater, Millie Wright, and Sharon Vilcins of Wilmington.

The Shane Register team ranked No. 7 in Adjusted Gross Commission Income, No. 9 in Selling Units, and No. 9 in Total Units. The Shane Register team is comprised of Shane Register, Christy Register, Kathie Jordan, and Lisa Pridgen of Wilmington.

The David Cummings team ranked No. 4 in Listing Units, and No. 3 in Total Units. The David Cummings team is comprised of David Cummings, Brooke Baker, and Susan Lawrence of Wilmington.

The Pugh team ranked No. 7 in Selling Units. The Pugh team is comprised of Barbara Pugh, Kirk Pugh, Julie Chappell, and Chris Farland of Wilmington.

The Saffo team ranked No. 10 in Listing Units. The Saffo team is comprised of Bill Saffo and Renee Saffo of Wilmington.

“These sales associate teams exemplify the standards of excellence for which Coldwell Banker professionals are known,” said Frank Lindsay, Southern regional director for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “It is an honor to recognize them as some of the top teams in the state of North Carolina.”

Best of the Best Honorees for First Quarter 2012

by seacoast_ashley 24. May 2012 05:18

Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage is proud to announce the following “Best of the Best” award winners. These sales associates and teams excelled during the 1st quarter 2012 as the top producers for the leading real estate company in Southeastern North Carolina. We congratulate them for being “the Best of the Best” at Sea Coast Advantage!

Wilmington Office
Baker, Wayne & Associates
Greg Barber
Angela Batchelor
Travis Best
Rushell Bongiorno
Jennifer Bullock
Melanie Cameron Team
David Cummings Team
Jennifer Farmer
Bev Femia Team
Beth Fortunato Team
Jack Gale Team
Stephanie Gasparovic Team
Brett Knowles Team
Sandy Monroe
Sherri Pickard
Shane Register Team
Bill Saffo & Renee Saffo Team
Eliza Santos
Kelly Sloop
Andrew Smith
Jennie Stevens
Cynthia Strickland
Sherwood Strickland
Wade Wilson
Chris Baynes Team
Sandy Borowiec
Barbara Pugh Team
Russ May
Kelly Girolami
Lisa Hadgraft
Jim Cain

Carolina Beach Office
Shawndy Linquist & Jessica Keenan Team
Tammy Ebersole
Rick Rogge

Leland Office
Edward Wood
Karen Schwartz
Eden Gilliam
Dee Lewis
Sean Skutnik
Jeff Domin

Southport Office
Marsha Ferrell
Ginger Harper
Nolan Formalarie
Ken Keegan
Susan Scott
Hank Troscianiec Team
Emily Willetts Team
Sharon Zak
Dennis Krueger & Penny Krueger Team
Vic Rosado & Associates

Oak Island Office
Neva Cardwell
Lynda Haraway
Gladys Smith

Hampstead Office
Brad Bertolet
Christina Block
Cecilia Litvak
Helen Marotto
Nora Ruehle

South Brunswick Office
Frances Warner
Monroe Enzor & Amanda Enzor Team
Anna Marie Kozel Team
David Enzor

Jacksonville Offices
Deana Bowen Team
Anna Garcia
Christi Hill
Jenna Morton
Amanda Parmer
Christina Pitz
Lori Smith Team
Carolyn Hall 


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