Buyer Tip: Don’t Forget Your Home Insurance!

by seacoast_ashley 13. January 2014 05:16

If you purchase a house with a home loan, you are required by the lender to secure insurance before your funds are finalized. This is to ensure that if something happens to the home, the bank’s investment will be covered. Not sure what that means? Basically, if the house burns down, insurance will give you a certain amount of money, depending on your plan, to help rebuild the home the bank has invested in and replace personal possessions lost in the fire. If the same house burns down and you don’t have insurance, the bank no longer has a product (the home) to sell in order to recoup the money they originally loaned. Of course, you, as a home owner, also want insurance. Not just because it will replace your personal possessions and pay for repairs when a home is damaged, but because you are still held responsible for the remainder of the loan, even if the house no longer exists. The same thing applies when you buy a car – even if you wreck your car leaving it un-driveable, you are still responsible paying off the remainder of any loan you took out to buy it. 

Don Bullard InsuranceTo make the buying process as easy as possible for our clients, Sea Coast has an in-house insurance agent of Don Bullard Insurance. Why is this any different than calling the 1-800 number on an insurance commercial or going online? When you call for a quote, you get a local agent. This can make a world of a difference when it comes to getting the best coverage and monthly payment, because she knows our area. Her office is also in the main branch of our company. For many agents, that means she’s a short walk away. So, when you or they have a question about your insurance, she can be reached. There’s no waiting on hold while your call is routed to an office in another state.

If you’re relocating to North Carolina, Noelle can help you with all of your insurance needs, because Don Bullard Insurance doesn’t just provide home insurance. They cover everything from auto to RV, and packaging insurance can often save you money. Noelle has helped many of our real estate agents get better rates on their own insurance.

Want more information? Ask your Sea Coast agent or give Noelle a call at (910) 202-4287.


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