Getting Your House Ready to Sell: Part IV

by seacoast_ashley 7. January 2011 02:17

Fixing up the outside of your house is much like fixing up the inside, with a few simple adjustments you can turn the outside of your house into someone’s dream home. What was it that first attracted you to your new Jacksonville, NC real estate? Most likely, it was how attractive the home looked from the outside.

While it is sometimes customary to fix-up the outside of your home before you work on the interior, we believe it may be more beneficial to work on it last. There are two main reasons for this. First, the initial steps in preparing the interior of the house are easier. They also help put you in the proper mind set required for selling. Second, the exterior is the most important. A homebuyer's first impression is based on what the outside of the house looks like as they pull into the driveway for the first time.

So take a little walk across the street and take a long look at your house.


How does your landscaping compare to your neighbor’s? Is it at least similar?  If it isn’t, buy a few bushes or shrubs and plant them in the yard. It is an inexpensive way to give your yard an instant face-lift. If you have any room for flowers, buy mature, colorful flowers and plant them. They will add vibrancy to the yard, creating a favorable first impression.

Imagine how excited you felt when you pulled up to the fresh cut, green grass of your Wilmington NC real estate. That’s the same feeling you need potential homebuyers to feel about your house. Your lawn should be evenly cut, freshly edged, well watered, and free of major brown spots. If there are any problems, deal with them immediately to give the grass plenty of time to grow.

House Exterior

To paint or not to paint? Deciding whether or not to paint your home is a difficult decision. When you step across the street, does the house look tired and faded? If so, it may need painting or at least a solid power-wash.  New paint or a solid cleaning spruces up the appearance of a house, which can add dollars to offers from potential homebuyers.

The Back Yard

While it isn’t something the homebuyer will immediately see, the back yard of your house should not be neglected. If you have a pool or spa, keep it freshly maintained and cleaned. If you have swing sets, patio furniture or any other backyard accessories, it may be beneficial to remove them from. They may take up a lot of room, and you want your back yard to appear as spacious as possible.

The Front Door & Entryway

Pay special attention to the front door of your house, since it is the entryway into the home. Polish the door fixtures so they look brand new and wash or repaint the door if necessary. Remove any personalized name plates or mailbox accessories to provide potential homebuyers with a blank canvas to imagine their new life. Invest in a plush door mat to use when homebuyers are visiting, you can always take it with you to your Carolina Beach NC home when you move.

Now that your home is homebuyer ready from the inside out, you can start looking towards your future in your Wilmington, Carolina Beach or Jacksonville NC new home.

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