What’s New in Brunswick County, NC

by seacoast_ashley 27. October 2011 02:54

When you are uprooting your life to a new community, you want to know exactly what you can expect. From exploring new schools and available recreational activities to understanding the way the community operates, it’s important to learn about the community you will live in.

Brunswick County, NC offers a variety of attractive reasons to choose it as the location of your new home, retirement home or vacation home. From a wide range of schooling options and a variety of quality golf courses, there is something for everyone.

Plus, there are a variety of communities that make up Brunswick County, NC, giving you the chance to find your dream home:


    • Holden Beach


    • Ocean Isle Beach


    • Shallotte


    • Sunset Beach


    • Southport


    • Leland


    • Oak Island


All of these communities offer something a little different, but they all work together to create the charming lifestyle offered by Brunswick County real estate. By diving deeper into what is happening in these cities, you can better decide if Southport, NC real estate or Leland, NC homes for sale will be the right choice for your future.

Leland, NC

Did you know Leland, NC is one of the fastest growing towns in North Carolina? In September, Leland, NC residents celebrated the town’s founding fathers. Hundreds of Leland NC, homes residents came out to celebrate Founders Day, which was the day that Leland was first incorporated into Brunswick County in 1989.

The town’s mayor was excited about all Leland, NC has to offer residents. He believes the city is  young and has a lot to offer. Current residents are known for their hospitality and welcoming nature. Leland, NC homes offer a variety of amenities and their proximity to other Brunswick County cities make them even more exciting.

Right now, the growing town of Leland, NC is focused on preserving green space in the city, while also expanding to create a town hall and police station.

Think your family would fare well in a small town that is founded on a strong sense of community? Find out if Leland, NC real estate or Oak Island homes for sale are the right choice for you and your family. Contact Sea Coast Realty today to start searching for available Brunswick County homes.


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